Delusion? What delusion?

So, the main title, it should have some explanation.

I’m attending Post-secondary this year, and learning much, but the biggest thing I know so far is that I really don’t know anything. That likely sounds either really pretentious or really depressed. An explanation..

This year to date has been an excellent exercise in falling on my face. I’ve realized that some,(many), things I was taking for granted are not so simple. Some ideas I didn’t even see I was right in I have discovered, and I’ve seen some cherished ideas fall down spectacularly. It’s been amazing!

At any rate, once I realized how sparse my information was on certain subjects, I had two behavior options. I could hide away, or I could go out and kick my own conceptions down. There was a time in my like when I could and did hide, but now I’ve decided to take the other option.

It’s just so much more interesting to fall on your face! Particularly if you are flailing for a grip on your way down! I’m sure I don’t have any particular incident in mind, never no way..

Now in the interests of expanding the bounds of my ignorance into new spheres, I shall try to pinpoint a delusion every month. The first painful delusion to fall over, my thoughts on Mac computers. This idea isn’t entirely dead, but I definitely see a delusion going on. (Show it the light of day! kill thedelusion with sunlight!)

I am an avid Mac user, and I’ve only ever used Mac. Until this year. Every time I previously used a Windows computer it felt remarkably like beating my head against a wall, and I therefore determined (deductive reasoning!) that all Windows computers were essentially clever devices for driving their users mad. Now this year, I’ve been forced to use Windows, and it’s, *coughs* not that bad. I still hold that Macs are intrinsically superior, but I can use Windows, and I can actually even enjoy my time on the computer.

There you have it. My first preconceived notion to fall over when tested!


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