Starting up?

Okay, so this is my first venture into blogging, so expect extreme incoherence. I’m not telling anyone that I’m starting this, at first anyways, so I can get the bugs out.

Basic stuff about me then: I’m attending college in Ottawa, and I live in the college. So, my domicile is full of other girls. More info, you ask? No, sorry, your security clearance isn’t quite high enough.

MOving on! I had forgotten how much fun it is to play with little boys! Hal left his kids here this evening while he went to a class, and I was entirely mobbed. I somehow cast myself as the evil foe in their eyes, and then I withheld cookies from them.

I tell you, a kid attached to each ankle, one on my back, another underfoot…

I was actually kicked in the head at one point (unintentionally), and my shirt has a popped seam where tried to drag me outside. I “died”, ummmm, probably 5 times, whereupon of course the small ones would all poke me in the back. I have a feeling I came off definitely the worst of our several altercations, but I am feeling very serene now. Got to go entirely crazy with small ones every little while!

I would find it hilarious if I had a black eye tomorrow. “ya, a guy kicked me in the head.”

That fits so well with my brawler persona!


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