Weather Zones

-begin sarcasm-

In my infinite wisdom *cough*, I realized that it would not snow in Ottawa till late December, so I would not need to bring my bulky snow boots with me until after Christmas.

-cease sarcasm-

Right now, there is about two inches of snow on the ground, copious slush in the street, and and I have no winter boots. Somehow, I overlooked the fact different places on the continent have different weather patterns. What do you know! The tradition of there being snow in December actually applies in some places! [Hmmm, that was still rather sarcastic. Oops]

At any rate, I only have to stick it out for under three weeks, and then I’ll be going HOME. I can wait it out in sneakers or heels for three weeks. I’d walk around barefoot for three weeks to get home at this point! I now understand a multitude of sentimental cards and carols about “coming home”.


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