Double spaced

There is my art exam sheet in front of me. I pick it up and read;

Write at length (3 or more pages, double-spaced) about one work that we have examined this term.

Then, further down the page;

…writing 2 or more pages (double-spaced) on each.

Pretty clear, no? You have a good idea as what to do? I should know what was going on? NO! my brain performed the following stunning jump of mental logic. Okay, one page double spaced typed equals one page single spaced handwritten, so this means write 3, (or 2), pages single spaced handwritten. I start off.

Halfway through the exam, people start LEAVING! I am only half way through, and I am in great awe of the medical students in the class, who can finish so fast. But people keep leaving! Eventually, with fifteen minutes left in the exam, I am the only one left in the room. I mentally decide that I must really not have studied enough, and write doggedly on. Finally I finish, with five minutes left. I spend the time checking my five double-sided single-spaced pages for spelling, and walk out after two hours and forty five minutes of writing.

Then I found out why it took my twice as long as everybody else to write my exam. Oops…

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