They found it!

They’ve found one of my bags! ! !

I wonder where it was? It would be very funny if it got put on an international flight by mistake. (Chicago?) However, it was probably just in Ottawa under a pile of other bags. My other bag is still AWOL, so I’m certainly going shopping!

*skips off humming*

Man, I have been more girly here then I have been for a long time. Part of it, I think, is that at home there’s all the little ones, and Frauline, so any “girlishness” on my part feels put on. Here I’m on of the youngest, so I can skip out of the room with a clear conscience. : ) Also, I’m rediscovering the fun of body language. You can make a very effective retort without saying a word, it’s all in the angle of head and shoulder and eyebrows. *bemused* Skulking around is not nearly as fun.


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