I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell…

This was a good evening. I was feeling better, and then Third World, Star, Moon Unit and I all went to the Met for dinner. They were having a “newcomers dinner.” (Free food + inside=students in attendance.) Moon Unit almost didn’t come, and then at the last moment she freed up her evening. *cheering* She’s applying for colleges, and having issues with the online application forms.

There are no tick-boxes for people like me!

(She’s home schooled.) At any rate, it was decided that her issue with the college would not be fixed in this evening, so she got to come along. The dinner was quite good. A nice salad, and rolls, *smiles happily*, and pasta with a chicken, mushroom and peppers cream sauce. There were two tables of people in attendance, so we played a game, table against table. A question would be asked, “how many of X do you have?” and the table would say the combined sum of the quantity of x represented at their table. The table with the highest sum would win a point. So, we were asked; how many buttons at your table, how many pets do you have, how many shoes… One girl stopped counting at 45 pairs of shoes. She also had spent 6 and a half hours on Facebook that day. I was able to assist my team rather well on the questions; How many siblings, and how many houses have you lived in? Yes, I pretty much pwned those questions! (makes up for my contribution to the button, shoes, and facebook-hours questions. : ) My table won, of course.

Then we went up for the official meeting. There was a different worship team this time, and I wasn’t quite crazy about it. There was a high proportion of the “God-you-are-so-great-’cause-you-did-this-for-me,-therefore-I-will-do-this-for-you” type songs. Not my favourite. I think I may have been a trifle hard on people last week for not getting into the music. *shame and remorse*

The talk itself was good. I like Pastor Jeff’s speaking style, keeping his hearers listening;

“True love is public, and that doesn’t mean I want you making out in the pews on Sunday.”

He knows his audience! Moreover, you have to respect a man who is popping pills for a head splitting cold, then gives no sign for an hour of speaking, mainly from memory. I’m also a sucker for dry humour and/or sarcasm. *sheepish* I’m not sure if I’d agree across the board with the Met’s theology, but I can live quite happily with what they choose to talk about and live out. Some churches like to dwell on the issues I have the most issues with, or that are the most divisive, but thankfully I’m not picking that up here. I suppose churches sometimes feel the need to separate themselves from other people, and the only way they choose to do that is to emphasize what is different about themselves. At any rate, I enjoy the teaching, I can live with the music, and the attendees appear to be not too different from myself. I’m going on a retreat tomorrow, so that should be fun!

Oh, afterwards they serve coffee and cookies, and I was talking to Third World while Moon Unit talked to half the people in the room, which she is old friends with. I accused Third World of looking innocent while in actual fact she is plotting devious replies, and she said;

“*splutter* You do it all the time- you’re doing it now! Looking innocent and demure while you’re really the dark-hearted goddess of chaos!”

I seem to have acquired quite a reputation.

In my defence, I have to say that Maritime humour is significantly more cynical then the rest of the continent, and I am the only east coaster. Add to that a propinquity for sarcasm and affinity for dry-as-dust jokes, and you have a promising combination! Ah, good times, good times.


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