Pray without ceasing

My classmates and I have just held a prayer service for Gid. It was interesting, cause RM, who is Catholic, made up a prayer service with read prayers. We read out the prayers and then did an “improvisational” session. *smile* Some of the written prayers I really liked. Some others not so much… but she apportioned them out well, so no one read a prayer they didn’t agree with theologically. I feel very blessed that all of my classmates would agree to come to this, and then most of them would pray personally. I’m in a good place.

On a completely different subject; Third World and I have agreed to write a 50,000 word story in the month of May. After our exams are all over. I write this down so that it may shame me into writing in May. And yes, the title is quite applicable to this part of the post as well.

Meh, it’s too hot in here. Some intelligent person decided to put the thermostat in the classroom at 25, instead of the normal 20, or the evening 15. *melting* I’ll be witty some other time.

Or not, it all depends.

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