You make me strange

Ah, the play was very good. In addition to everything else I’m learning this year; I finally see why people like Shakespeare! They had the costumes and sets as though in WW2 england. I quite enjoyed it.

With everyone making plans for next year, I do admit that I felt a trifle left out. Everyone is going to go off and do exciting things, (like engineering and library technology) and I’ll just go home… (yes, there is some little sarcasm there.) At any rate, I was moping a little internally. I had decided that I didn’t want to spend enormous amounts of money that I DON’T have, to take some course that I found mildly interesting, and that seemed to cut down significantly on my options in terms of fun things to do. Then, I had an epiphany!

cue internal dialogue: Wait a second here. If I go home, that doesn’t mean all I can do is sit in the house and clean and talk to only to interesting people in my own town! (interesting people in my own town [who will talk to me]=my own family.) I can do other things too! /internal dialogue.

General rejoicing ensues. Self walks down street grinning like a loon, and scaring all the nice dour city people.

As a result, I made up a *cough* life plan, in honour of all my careful classmates.

  • Until April:
    • Pass courses
    • Eat
    • Sleep
    • Talk to people other than myself
  • This Summer
    • Go home
    • Acquire a laptop or other computer
    • Write story in May
    • Help out in the house
    • Track down interesting courses
    • Save money
  • Next school term
    • Take interesting courses by correspondence. Options;
      • Cooking
      • History
      • English
      • Programing
    • Help family
    • Go to the theatre
    • Read interesting books
    • Travel and visit Classmates
    • Convince people to come to Europe with me.
  • Next summer and/or fall and/or winter
    • Travel Europe in company, (2 to 6 people,) for at least 2 months
    • Write things
    • Meet people
    • Learn interesting things
  • Sometime in the next 60+ years, up to and including tomorrow
    • Get married
    • Have kids
    • Write stories
    • Travel the world
    • Learn a language or three
    • Learn interesting things

Looks like a plan to me!


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