A Saturday expedenture in Ottawa

Third World and I went on a walk through Ottawa, armed. We shot things with our cameras. It was fun.

Here’s the Château Laurier from one angle…

… and another.

The Byward Market. It hosts a farmer’s market in the summer.

Some noisy little birds.

A lovely park.

The Houses of Parliament, seen through the park.

Notre Dame at Ottawa.

An Ice Seep.

The Ottawa River. This is standing on the bridge to Quebec, looking up toward the docks.

The Houses of Parliament, again. Taken from the river bank.

Houses of Parliament, plus trees! {Exciting!}

A lovely wall. This reminded me of Germany, (probably best not to ask why.)

It’s the Assassin! Third World, startled in the act of shooting a tree.

Myself, startled in the act of trying to get up gracefully and failing.

A closing lock out at the canal. This is under Redieu Street. I thought it looked like a dungeon, principally because I came through here first at 5 in the evening, and it was snowing. The place has ATMOSPHERE!

Ah, these looked better full size. They were so beautifully in focus! My unprofessional, (to say the least,) photo editing software has slightly blurred the lovely pictures Third world and I took, but you get the idea.

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