"Sugar is not good for you." "But it tastes so good!"

Well, I had something planned to say, but then I ate a lot of sugary things, and now my brain is gone.

As further proof of my insanity, I’ve agreed to participate in a thing called “Right here, Write now,” (Or maybe it is “Write here, Right now.” Hmmm) You write a thousand words a day for the month of February. Should be fun! Particularly cause Third World and Moon Unit are doing it with me. I thought to myself: Hey self! You have way too much free time, and you’re way too social. You should do something to remedy that! So I came up with this plan. Pretty special, I though.

Moon Unit is presently phone counselling a friend, RM is off at a friend’s house, and Third World has accompanied Em to Chapters. Pshaw! those people with money! Money is for noobes! (quote)

I really need to not eat that much sugar at a sitting. *cries* *falls asleep*

I have come to the conclusion that my life is pretty much devoid of ~drama~, which is much simpler, but cuts down on conversation topics.


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