"Don’t share a room with the bass player. Just don’t."

It’s a lovely day. Or, at least it’s not snowing. The sun is coming out too. Yes, it’s a lovely day.

The dinner at our prof’s house was good. Thank goodness for Lamd’s endless supply of conversation topics. He can talk about anything, on no cue at all. Quite remarkably, really. This came in very useful as the professor is sometimes a little hard to talk too in normal conversation. Anyways, Lamd had five glasses of wine, two cups of strong coffee, and kept the conversation going.

Yes, there was wine, but I didn’t have any. (That information is for you, Frauline. *grin* I know you’d be worried.)

The title is something I said, not remembering that Lamd is a bass player. Opps. I don’t even know how the topic came up, but we were talking about musician’s health, and I remembered a class I took in that during the ecma’s. One of the speakers was a musician who gave the strangest advice! That was one of his kernels of wisdom. *thinks about it* *top of head comes off*

Moving on!

In the end, on of my classmates borrowed a car and we all drove up. I seem fated not to take the bus. In every event so far that has necessitated a bus ride, I’ve been volentold to take the a car. Or the bus has not been necessary. I kind of like the bus in company though. It’s interesting… So it’s always those who get carsick who take the bus, and I end up in the car. Funny.

(of course, now that I’ve said this, I will end up alone on the bus, next to some odious person, for a long time. Such is the way of the world. )

I’m going grocery shopping. Exciting!


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