My hands hurt

I’m still enjoying the writing, but it’s hard!

I don’t type very fast. This needs to change. It will change! I shall prevail! I definantly need to get my skills up before May. I’ve agreed to do a 50,000 in a month with Bahnree then. *gulp* I can do this. Right. Ah huh. *weeps*

This is still very fun though. I had this story somewhat plotted out already, but it’s morphing a bit. The ages of all my characters have jumped about 2 years. There is also a villain character, who is quite satisfactorily evil. *smile* And my pianist has quietly slipped away, to be replaced by a goofball. It’s fun!

However, someone is going to be shot. This is undeniable.

*rubs aching hands and slinks away*


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