Great Excitiment involving Grocery Stores

No, there wasn’t actually much excitement, I just felt like saying that.

I went shopping, along with Third World, Rach, Rach’s Other Half, and Moon Unit. When we got to the grocery store Third World and I took one cart, and Rach and her Other Half took another, and Moon unit roved between the two parties. I got flour, so now I can make bread! w00t!

In actual true fact, I got 22lbs of flour, which is where any possible excitement comes in. We were planning on getting a delivery, so our car was buying in bulk. A full cart. Including canned goods and a 22lb bag of flour, as previously mentioned. (I was slightly tramatised by the bag of flour, which weighed 22lbs, if I forgot to mention it.)

As we were heading down the last aisle, what should come over the speaker but an announcement saying :

It’s five o clock and our delivery service is over for the day. Thank you for shopping with us!

I was not exceptionally pleased.

However, our lovely checkout lady said that the groceries could be put in the cooler and delivered first run tomorrow morning. *huge sigh of relief*

Tomorrow is the talent show. Due to my disinclination to inflict my lack of performance talents on my classmates, I’m helping set up and serving refreshments. It should be really fun.


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