There is nothing more real than this, nothing more terrible.

This week in Philosophy we’re reading Descartes and Pascal. They’re interesting. I like the way the translator, um, translated. Also, these men are covering subjects we haven’t hit previously, which is cool. I’m looking forward the the lecture.

This is a nice change, also, because in this semester to date the classes have been rather “flat, stale and unprofitable.” No eureka moments, and no classes where I walk out saying “that was so amazingly cool.” I’m used to the classes now. I seem to remember someone warning me about that… *smile* Hopefully I’ll get inspired, about my papers at least.

Ah, Moon unit and I baked today, so now the kitchen is full of bread. I was teaching her and decided that she would make two loves, while I would make four. Halfway into mixing, I realized that the recipe I had doubled made four loaves, not two. Opps.

So now there are 12 loaves worth of bread ornamenting every flat surface in the kitchen.

I keep meaning to call my family and friends, and then when I remember the phone is in use. If you haven’t got a call from me, that doesn’t in any way mean that I am not thinking of you! (just so you know.)


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