"I’m still proud of what I am. I am- A LIBRARIAN."

The snow is piling up outside, similar to the work piling up inside.

Unfortunately, the assignments this term are almost all about subjects that I know nothing about, and am not interested in. However, the literature assignment still looks pretty interesting, and Dr. Patrick’s should be useful, if nothing else.

Any other news…?

Lamd has gone on a cruise. The class is not at all jealous, of course. *grin*

*wider grin* Ha, this is amusing. Alright, he borrowed my library card on Thursday, so he could get some books out of the Ottawa U library. I went through the paper work at the beginning of the year to get the card, but I’ve never actually used it. Anyways, he picked out two books about Messiaen. Then on getting to the desk, he found that there is some extra paperwork you have to go through the first time you check out. The following conversation resulted;

Lamd: Can I leave them at the desk? (thinking that he would get me to pick them up)
Deskman: Okay. What name is that again?
Lamd: *hesitantly* Stairs?
Deskman: First name?
Lamd: Um, J – She’s my sister.
Deskman: Oh?
Lamd: Don’t bother to hold the books. *walks out*

Hmm, I don’t know how people make it thorough life without the arts. If I didn’t have music to listen to, it would be UGLY. And I’m much better when I can write.

Got to go read about language acquisition


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