So close, so very close…

I know just enough about military matters to know that the military elements included in this story are entirely ludicrous. However, if I cut them out the story is a lot shorter and less interesting. So the ludicrous elements remain.

I’ve got this at the beginning of my story now. It’s far too true.

Word count: 15,764
Words remaining: 16,083
Coherence: I have mine own dialect. Is there a problem you might have with this? Negative? Good.
Panic Level: I’m sustained and buoyed up by the prospect of Reading Week. It looms so beautifully on the horizon. *grins*

I’m ALMOST at the halfway mark. *grins stupidly*

I don’t know if I can make the story stretch, but I will try my darnest. I managed to get 1322 words out of Ben pwning Mr. X/ This is good, is good. Also Ben now has to explain what he was doing beating up a man on someone else’s back porch. I hurt him fairly bad, so he might pass out dramatically sometime.

Ben stood up, then slipped in his own blood

I feel sorry for him, but I just couldn’t let him have the fight all his own way! He’s unarmed, after all, and he basically beat Mr. X into a bloody pulp. With a chair, none the less. Pretty much a man.

Now now, I already know I’m disturbing, and I can rest calmly in the fact that Stephanie is probably worse to her people. For one thing, she kills them, and and and… Yes, I’m prevaricating. Whatever.

Next on the slate: Michael and Lynn discuss things, Ben explains things, Alexander showes up, Alison shoots things… Maybe I’ll have Alison shoot Alexander. He needs to die, it is true. Anyways, I’m not pondering it now. Think only on paper. This is my new motto.


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