The roads which never saw the sun nor sky…

For the past little while I’ve been a little bit at loose ends. I’ve made an awful nuisance of myself to Third World and Moon Unit, I think. Mainly Third World, I’m afraid, because Moon Unit escapes me on weekends. *stares madly around in all directions* *drapes self over arm of chair* But I feel better now.

I went on a nice LONG walk after class; up behind the Parliament buildings. It was very pretty. I’ll need to take my camera along and repeat the walk. It’s good to see a bit of space. I’m used to vistas, and behind stuck in between buildings starts to wear on one after a while.

Unfortunately, it was so pretty I didn’t consider the fact that I would have to repeat the walk in the other direction… I think I’ll sleep very soundly tonight.

Reading Week is starting to look less like a phantom and more like a reprieve, and it’s very soon! Only two more days of classes, then nine days off. *slumps in relife*

The objective is to get lots and lots and lots of school work done. Let’s hope I can live up to that lofty goal. I think I know where I”m going with my Music paper and my Presentation, so those should get knocked off first.

We’re going to the other girls’ house, the “party house,” for Sue’s birthday party tonight. Also; proof that God is merciful to foolish girls who don’t consider return journeys; we have been loaned a car for the evening. Should be fun!


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