Blame it on Iago

This evening, don’t ask how, I was compared to a butterfly. It seems that I am

Like a butterfly that looks all beautiful flying along, and then it bites your head off.

Also, I resemble:

A butterfly that you squish, and then it comes back to life and eats your children.

This was funny for the first 5 months, but not so much today. My house mates assure me that they don’t think of me in that precise category.

I mean, I’m not really heartless and calculating, right? right?

Ah, I see the issue. Of the other people who make similar jokes, (you know who you are,) one is sweetness and light incarnate, while the other just looks bewildered on cue. I, on the other hand, keep a straight face, and/or smile slowly. This seems to disconcert people. Oh well, I probably won’t mind it tomorrow.

Na. Aside from that uncomfortable realization the evening was lots of fun. *thinks about the lovely cake* Fun conversation and excellent desserts in good company. Best kind!


2 thoughts on “Blame it on Iago

  1. Well, WE know you’re not, darling. At least, not ALL THE TIME, like the others think. You can be if needed, but only when needed ^_^ If it makes you feel better, they couldn’t make up their minds as to whether I was in the gutters of the slums, looking at butterflies, or the butterfly in the slums itself. I think the butterfly was decided on <_ <<>You and me, dear. We get to be butterflies. I’ll distract them with my winning ways, and you bite their heads off and eat their children, kay? 😀

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