I’m a Canadian, therefore I’m a useless pacifist. Right.

Stephanie loaded me a book about Easy Company, (airborne) in WW2, and that is bringing back so many memories of my Dad’s stories. *grin* My dad is the coolest anyway, and he- tells good stories.

There was the one where Canadian and American paratroopers did an exchange. Canadians jumping in the US, and then Americans jumping in Canada. heh heh heh. There seems to be a slight difference in the style of American and Canadian jump-masters.
Everyone is linked up in the planes. Contrast:

  • American jump-master:
    • “Everybody stand up.” waves people up
    • “Everybody move forward.” waves people forward
    • “Go, go, go” waves people out of the plane.
  • Canadian jump-master:
    • “YOU!” full-hand, double-handed, points at lead on the string
    • “look THIS WAY”. full-hand, double-handed, points at self.
    • “GO! GO! GO!” full-hand, double-handed, points out the plane.

Apparently the Americans were a little wide-eyed going out the plane. Yes, I’m sure it got exaggerated a little with the telling, but it’s still funny. I can just see the Americans, who are expecting the pacifist Canadians to be easier than what they’re used to.

And then they do a night jump at 8oo ft.

Which reminds me of another story, this one when the Canadians were jumping with the Dutch. The Dutch jump onto a tiny little island in the North Sea, which is no mean feat. And they take two or three passes to get everyone out, which is the *cough* sensible thing to do.

And then in the mess hall, don’t ask how, a bet was made to see if the Canadians could get a full stick of men out in one pass. So they lined the men up, and it was, “you RUN out the plane.”

Of course, then the bet was made to see if we could get two sticks out in one pass. So they opened Both doors, lined everyone up, and got two sticks of men on the ground in under a minute. Hey, we never claimed to be sensible, that’s the Germans.

We always jump way lower than anyone else, which is the reason for the “panic exit.” I’m not sure of the exact hight, but it is low enough that by the time the people on the ground hear the plane and look up, we’re already on the ground.

Why are we so weird? Well, the government has stiffed the military for so long, we never have the “proper” equipment.

  • They’re going to Bosnia, the Sergeant is giving orders. They include the instruction to do down to Canadian Tire and buy a flashlight, cause they can’t afford to buy flashlights for men going into COMBAT!
  • Going to Afghanistan in the early days. The men getting off the plane from Afghanistan are taking off their flak jackets and handing them to the men getting on the plane.
  • And I’m not even looking at the Sea King helicopters debacle.

Which means we have to think outside the box all the time. ALL the time.

What’s the quote?

I have done so much with so little for so long that I can now do anything with nothing.

Remarkably, this sometimes leads to such outside-the-box thinking that we beat people who are better prepared.

Just one more story. *grin*

Okay, so the American and Canadian Navies are playing war games off the New England coast. It’s foggy. The Americans are hugging the coast just as close as you can safely go. Visibility is practically nil, so they’re working on instruments. Suddenly, every radar screen on the bridge lights up with “incoming missiles.” They’re “dead” within 15 seconds.

he Canadians had hugged the coast to an insane amount, so that they were inside the radar buzz coming from the land. And how were they not dead? That coast is treacherous. They had put a man on the bow taking soundings.

Yep, we’re insane. It’s nice to know that sometimes pure ingenuity can win the day in the real world, even when out-numbered and out-teched.


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