*computer looks at Jasmine and catches fire*

I just found out how to look at the code behind a site. It makes me sad.

I almost understand, but not quite. *bites at keyboard* Computers….

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *beats head against wall* Okay, better now.

I have computer woes. I was just learning how to do fun things with computers when I left home, and then I had to transfer to an ancient ~Windows~ machine.  *makes the sign against evil* I also just found out that my files exceed the space I have on an ftp server, so I can’t back up entirely. Given that this ever-benighted thing has suddenly developed a charming propensity towards shutting off without explanation, this does not cause my heart to be filled with joy. However, I shall overcome!

I will acquire a computer of my very own! By fair means or foul! No, just fair… But my determination remains unwavering! I shall triumph!

And someday, in oh that so beautiful day of weeping and gnashing of teeth, I will learn how to do things on computers.


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