If I hit the word-count button enough times, it’ll change, right?

I have a comb. It’s all red and pretty. *laughs* So, after many months of being driven crazy by my hair, Bahnree finally snapped and combed it herself. And then she gave me the comb. I think there might be a hint in there somewhere.

Ha, I’ve nonplussed Bahnree quite successfully several times today. First I adopted the method of simply draping myself over her when she says something unanswerable. This was rather effective. Then I called her “m’lover.” This was slightly more effective. To explain, that is just a term of affectionate address where I come from; it’s strictly platonic.

Teasing Bahnree is rarely effective, but it is fun!

You noticed the lack of writing content? It matches the lack of writing. NO, that’s not true. I wrote a blurb about Lynn and Michael staving off hypothermia. But the creative brain died halfway through, and I fear it’s not funny, just wrong. Oh well.

Time to sleep.


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