Reading week After-Action

So, it’s the last day of Reading Week. And the question is; did I accomplish anything? Let’s look at the list.

To Do during reading week.
  1. Write my 10 page philosophy research paper
    1. Question- Got it!
    2. Research- We’re working on it!
    3. Write- You must be joking!
    4. Revise at least once- See above!
  2. Get up to date in my Art textbook- Check.
  3. Read Denton- Partial check. Almost done, and the plan was to finish it tonight.
  4. Read Philosophy text, Kant and Hume- Yes, I got both done. And then received an email saying that I only had to read Hume. *glowers* However, Kant was cool.
  5. Translate Practise and Review sentences in Chapter 15 of Wheelock’s Latin- It’s done, and it’s almost idiomatic.
  6. Go to War Museum with Stephanie- Heh heh heh. “You fail.” That was such an amusing time.
  7. Go to Museum of Civilization- Didn’t happen
  8. Continue writing 1000 words a day on my story- The story is nearing being done, actually. I’ve done more than 1000 per day, ‘m pretty sure. And it’s all pretty and mine. *pats story*
  9. Think of and being researching a question for my Literature paper- Um, we’re working on that one.
  10. Sleep- That would be a check
  11. Eat- Also a check
  12. Have fun.- *wide grin*

This has been a good week on many levels. For one, I am now actually looking forward to classes. A little time away does wonders! And I generally had fun. Third World and I achieved group thought on several occasions, which is amusing.

“What are you doing?”
“Reading Denton.”
“Me too!”
“I’m reading the art text book as well.”
“Me too!”

And I’ve also picked up little bits of information about myself. Just general tidbits, like how much I enjoy writing and computer things, how much I am accustomed to “winning” conversations with guys (that was a fun realization 🙂 , and how other people go through the same emotional issues. Yes, it’s been a good week.


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