No food is better for you than not enough food?

First things first: I have been staying up too late lately, and this needs to stop.

I’ve been msning Third World’s amusing friend Mind Kicker. (Freewill, Pan-handling, Website design and Upkeep-all the fun stuff. *grins*) But, he is three time zones away, in the wrong direction. It’s not so bad if I talk to people from my home, cause it’s later at home than it is here, and they eventually get off. But when you put me on the line with a night owl on the West coast, I have to watch the time myself. This is not spectacularly successful. “does that say three o-clock?” *sheepish*

This does not bode well for May. Home is at least 1.5 hours away from all my classmates’ homes, and 5.5 away from those on the West coast. *cries* What am I gonna DOOOOOO!!!!!

I noticed today that the lack of sleep was an issue because of my griping mood, and my stunning intolerance of Music class. It was not a fun class, let’s just say. And if I’m in that condition in Scriptures class, it’ll be all I can do to keep from actively hitting myself in the head with something. *shudders* Scriptures class…

Let’s think about something else. *eyes light upon title* Right.

Dr. Patrick said something very- odd, in class yesterday. He was talking about Fasting, and he said that if all you take in is water, and maybe some water-soluble vitamins, you can go 40 days without food easily. He of course also took the opportunity to poke fun at the Americans in the class, saying that many Americans could go a year without food. That’s our Dr. Patrick! It seems that your body starts running very efficiently if you don’t put anything into it, but if you mess it up with only a little bit of food, it’s confused and you get health issues.

This seems to make sense, in a very odd way, but I’m a little confused as to why he put that information out there, knowing that I have had problems with food. He is rather notorious for being “no respecter of persons” if he thinks you or someone else in the room needs to hear the information. But still, I don’t know. You function at normal? No one would know that you weren’t eating? That’s dangerous information to be dropping around.

Oh, who am I kidding. He probably thinks there isn’t an issue with me hearing that info; I was never admitted after all. If my presence crossed his mind at all. *sigh* I am remarkably invisible when the professors are concerned. Case in point; three Latin classes running I haven’t been called on, despite other people in the class translating two or three times- and this has been happening off and on all year.

I fly under the radar.

Now it’s time to go do some homework, so that when I bump the radar again I don’t die. *grins*

*slinks off to assault Latin*


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