A non-renewable resourse, by definition, is going to run out…

At home gas is $1.285 per litre. Gah!!!!!! And why is it so expensive? Well, setting aside the issue of an avalon-centric pricing board, it’s because WE HAVE TO SHIP IT IN FROM THE MIDDLE EAST! What, you say? Doesn’t everyone have to do that? Short answer; no. In Alberta, for instance, they use the oil they haul out of the ground. Sensible. So the gas prices there are the cheapest in Canada. Makes sense. And here is the root of my issue; we have lots of our own oil off shore, but we are not allowed to use it.

That’s right, not allowed. Despite having Hibernia, and Terra Nova, and White Rose, we are not allowed to refine that oil on the island. For in their boundless wisdom, the powers that be in Ottawa have decreed that only once every other refinery in Altantic Canada is turning away business, will we permitted to refine our own oil. And our spineless unionist of an former premier agreed to this. This is why people fly the green-white-and-pink. This is why the very strong sense of newfoundland being our own people is just not going away.

Whew, that wasn’t supposed to be that long of a rant. *takes a deep breath*

On the other hand, we’re getting a new ferry! Hurrah!


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