If it wasn’t painful, it wouldn’t be interesting.

Guess what!
I just discovered something remarkable!
I forgot to take down quotes when reading Machiavelli!

What this means is; even though I stayed up till 2am on Friday reading 101 pages of political advice, I now have to read it again. *bounces head off desk* You know, if I had only used a little bit of foresight, this whole paper would be so much easier. *makes more resolutions about being sensible next time*

Okay, it’s 3 hours and 15 minutes till midnight. How much work can I do in that time? Let us see. Let us just see. *evil smile*

Update 1: I just had to share this quote.

Chapter 10 of the Prince

“And if any one were to argue that, if the people who have possessions outside of the city were to see them ravaged and destroyed by the enemy, they would lose their patience, and that their selfish desire to protect their property would cause them to forget their attachment to the prince, I would meet this objection by saying that a powerful and valiant prince will easily overcome this difficulty by encouraging his subjects with the hope that the evil will not endure long, or by alarming them with fears of the enemy’s cruelty, or by assuring himself adroitly of those who have been too forward in expressing their discontent.”

Update 2: I have just realized that Moon Unit, Third World, RM and I are all doing something related to Machiavelli. Amusing


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