What’s going on? Well…

I’m back from the Weston Lecture, which was good, but not inspiring. As I am ideologically opposed to starting school work at 10:15 at night, it looks like I have the rest of the evening off! *cheers*

I haven’t been posting much lately, sorry. *shy* What’s been going on? I’m done with my ~interesting~ philosophy paper. How good is it? Well, it’s up to 10 pages… Let’s not probe deeper, shall we?

What else do I have to do…

  1. a 20 page philosophy reading
    1. Due Monday
    2. with a 12 question assignment
    3. (we received this on Thursday evening.)
  2. Art paper:
    1. 10 pages
    2. 11 pt
    3. double-spaced
    4. 1 in. margins
    5. I have the question, and now after philosophy I know better what I’m doing.
    6. Due next week
  3. Dr. Patrick’s “evolution pros and cons dialogue.”
    1. As many pages as you need, so at least 6, probably way more.
    2. Due in three weeks
  4. Read Martin Buber’s I and Thou for philosophy.
    1. It’s a whole book.
    2. Next week’s Philosophy
  5. Scriptures paper.
    1. Comparing 3 writers
    2. 10 pages
    3. on an appropriate subject
    4. I have NO IDEA!
    5. Due end of the month
  6. Literature paper.
    1. No comment, really
    2. Due first week in April
  7. Somewhere in here we have a Literature Presentation.
  8. Ongoing Latin Translations
  9. Ongoing Philosophy readings.
  10. Start revising for exams, which are in only four weeks.

And our professors ask us with straight faces what we’re doing in our social lives. *grins*


This makes me tired.


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