I just- have a strange relationship with gravity…

(After Third World flicked water on me, and I chased her around the house with a sponge.)
Moon Unit: “Darlings, do try to keep the violence to a minimum, we want to keep this at a PG rating.” *pause* “Jokes, jokes…”

I’m not sure if I can actually act “normal,” but I know I can get closer to it that I am acting now, if only by sitting still and not talking. *sideways grin* I know this, because I know I have in the past acted differently. I just wonder if it’s worth the effort?

On the other hand, “acting normal” may not be so much of an issue once I go home. For one thing, I’ll have to be mature again. *sigh* It’s been a lot of fun not being the oldest, but I’ll be closing in on age 20 when I get back. That tends to lend its self to being restrained and normal. *big sigh* Also, I’ll finally be able to get out and walk. I really can’t go for any kind of walk here; I hit a sketchy neighbourhood anyway I turn. So here, the idea of walking out is not very attractive, and I end up wound rather tight from excess energy. *quivers*

I suppose I am worrying about going home again. I can’t wait to see all my family again, but I’m also really going to miss my friends here. *cries* Bah, moving away from friends is not fun. However, I am determined to keep in contact with my friends from here! And I’ve been told that it’ll be my responsibility to visit other people, since everyone is getting jobs and entering college/university, and they won’t have time to travel. We’ll just see about that, *smiles* But I am determined to go visit Moon Unit and Third World in their natural habitats, even if they don’t reciprocate the visit. *is heroically determined*

ANYWAYS, that was a completely odd post, and I now need to go read some of my art sources. God go with you.


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