Here comes the next contestant…

*puts art paper aside*

Yes, I am in fact still alive, all appearances to the contrary. Just working away on my papers, and their inexorable deadlines. Moon Unit stayed here again this weekend to work on her papers, so the house is full of quietly studious people. *hysterical laughter ensues* Right now, that is.

Nothing much has been going on, except for studying. It’s funny. I got four sources books from the University library, for my paper, and I got less out of them than I got out of one lecture by Professor Tingley. Shows how much information he packs into those three hour lectures.

Oh, and Third World and I went to the coffee shop on Thursday to study. So, and hour passes of us reading quietly, and then she realized that maybe she should go into classical studies. (NOT out of the blue! There was lead up and a logical train of thought, I just can’t remember it.) Then we started talking about the classics, and travel, and history, and politics, and everything… and then realized that we had spent 3 hours chatting, not studying. *sigh* It was an excellent conversation though. I remembered that I actually do like English and history, and am now looking forward to studying them. I had forgotten that school is sometimes fun. “Yeah, that’s why I came here!”*grins*

We almost decided to go to Europe next summer, when she has the time off from school. Travelling makes me happy! So we just have to lure more people along to come with us, and get the money. *blinks* Then I come back home and work for three months and head out again with Frauline. *evil grin*

The future looks fun.


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