The slow decent into madness, week one.

Wow, as papers and exams loom, the house just gets more and more insane.
Less sleep + more sugar + stress = funny times.

Case in point, Third World and I discussing her art paper. (By the way, she’s writing her art paper on the use of the classical gods in Christian Renaissance art, and she wrote a novel of 50 thousand words in November. It was a rewrite of the classical Greek tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. Anyways…)

Third World: “How should I transition into the paper? Should I just dive right in with “Did they approach this from a Christian standpoint?” Or should I write about the classical gods first?”
Me: “Fiction.”
Third World: *in a “literary” voice* “A excerpt from my recent novel..”

Wow, we laughed so hard.Third World had to sit down on the stairs, and I was leaning on the wall to stay upright.

We’re all going to the other girls’ house for art paper editing and green drinks tomorrow, in honour of St. Paddy’s day. Should be fun.


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