Why won’t you align?!

I’ve had this “craving to build a website” for a couple weeks now. I had an idea for a particular function for this site, and I wanted to put it into reality. However, it’s a REALLY complicated site, and I have no idea how to do, anything, really. I’ve been harassing Third World with coding questions for a couple of days. I’d be reading Calvin, and then pop my head around the door frame;
“What if you have two login pages. Can you do that?”
“Why are you asking me? I don’t know!”
*slinks away*
*five minutes later* “Can you put a tag cloud in your template? Or does that go somewhere else?”
“Seriously, I don’t know. Ask Mindkicker.”

So, I eventually did, last night, ask Mr. Mindkicker a bunch of questions. He suggested that I start small (clever man,) and build a simple page first. And, he sent me a tutorial. So I followed the tutorial, which was ENORMOUS fun. I was grinning like a loon the whole time.

Then I tried to start modifying it past the end of the tutorial, and it abruptly became slightly frustrating. Still fun, but mildly to moderately frustrating. I mean, at one point I changed the link “hover” colour, and the entire page inverted. When I botch, I BOTCH! *grins*

After 2 hours, I went to bed. I was telling myself; “see, self, this is why you don’t want to do computer things. They’re hard, and you don’t have any idea what you’re doing. Leave them to the people who know what they’re doing.”

I then woke up this morning, my mind buzzing with ways I could change the code to make it work. *sigh* As I’m writing this, I really want to open it up again, but I’m not coding today! Not till exams are over! I have too much work to do! *weeps*

My, May is looking like lots of fun. Writing, and I can work on figuring out what in the world I’m doing on computers… *glee*


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