Congratulations Mr. Simpson. By your calculations we are presently sailing through Sub-Saharan Africa.

Yes, the Scriptures paper did make it in time. And yes, it should never have seen the light of day. And yes, my grade probably dropped 30%, or whatever percentage of my grade that it was worth, but it’s done, right? OVER!!!!

And now we move on to other work…

I could at this point list all the work I need to do, but I’ve done that before, I seem to remember. Moreover, if you’re interested, you’re probably in the same classes with me, and know what needs to me done. If you’re not in the classes, you probably don’t want an exhaustive point by point explanation of what school work I should be doing at this moment. Just let it be know, that there is a lot. *grins* *breaks down and weeps*

OH, there is one thing. For literature class, we had to go out and find 5 – 10 items outside, bring them home, and write a presentation in the style of Annie Dillard about them. In the last class, we will read these essays/presentations. The reaction of the Med students to this assigment was rather amusing, as was that of the budding engineers.
“He wants us to do what?
“What’s the theme?” “You are the theme!”
Rather a fun assigment, all in all. Particularly since Prof. Tucker gave us free rein to use colloquialisms. *rubs hands in glee* I really really want to frame my intro as a mock css stylesheet.

eh? eh? Unfortunately, everyone I’ve talked to so far doesn’t think that you can call code a colloquialism. What do you think? No?

In other news, Moon Unit is staying here on the weekends until graduation, which is very jolly. Our minds have degenerated to the point that now all we do is schoolwork, watch movies, or laugh. We watched three Horatio Hornblower movies in the past 2 days: One on Friday and two on Saturday. Moon Unit’s Friend came over for a sleepover last night and thereupon we also watched the movie Serenity. Stupid use of my time and I’ll regret it later, no doubt, but they were GOOD movies.

It was also earth hour last night, so from 8 – 9 we turned off all the electric appliances and didn’t run water. Amusing, since of those in the house, only Rach was at all excited about it. The rest of us kinda just wanted to have candles. Or, maybe that was just me. *sheepish* I declare, the other girls are ridiculously paranoid about me and knives or flame or hot wax. Moon Unit kept taking tea lights away from me. *sulks* Then Third World came over and sat on my lap to pin my hands down. Meanwhile, Moon Unit’s Friend is calmly emptying candles to make a ball of wax, and playing with a large knife that had been brought out to cut a giant easter egg, and no one noticed!!! Basically we spent the entire hour laughing. Good times.

And, here are some pictures from the last week or two:

Moon Unit, Third World and I went out to the park to find our 5 – 10 objects. There is a crust on the snow, but it is melting enough that we would occasionally break through. Here, I turned to take a picture of my friends, went through over my knees, and fell over. “Oooh, pretty perspective!”

The park, also from up to my knees in the snow.

Changed to black and white, and got a surprisingly emo picture of Third World and Moon Unit. *is surprised*

Then, happy Third World!

Happy Moon Unit, visiting the trees.

Walked down the friendly alley behind Amnesty International…

People waiting for the bus.

Parliament seen from over the river, at sun down. Third World and I decided that we didn’t want to cook, and celebrated our lack of classes on that day by going to the food court. Taken from a bridge.

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