I cnat spele…

My personal incompetence frustrates me!

I work slowly to begin with.

Case in point; Latin. Even setting aside Third World and Moon Unit, who can translate cold in class, I translate much slower that most of the class. There’s a bunch of people- 8, I think- who get straight out of class and translate the sentences for next class. It takes them about an hour. It takes me three. *sneers*

Then the fact that I type slowly… last night it took me something like 4 hours to type out 2,000 words I had hand-written previously. That is actually a compound problem. When I type without mistakes I’m only moderately slower than the average, but I make a lot of mistakes. At the beginning of the year I could see right away when something looked wrong, but now I’ve done the mistakes so often that “slef” looks right. (that was supposed to be “self”, for those who habitually spell correctly.) Discounting even the words that I actually have the letters wrong for, I keep messing up the letter order within the sentences, or putting the spaces in the wrong places. Which means that after every thought-block I need to go back and get rid of all the little red lines.

Then throw in a dash of being unable to concentrate on things for long periods of time! No, I can read, or do code, or write fiction for HOURS straight, but in school work I start to degenerate to kindergarten level after about 2 hours. The brain just gives out

Which means that I take a long time to get anything done. *cries* I really think I’m not cut out to be an academic…

Okay, enough of the rant. I only have two more weeks of this and I’m done! I learn more about how to manage my time every term, so even if/when I take correspondence courses or other things on a similar deadline it should be easier. Should…

Only one week of classes left. Such a strange thought.

One thought on “I cnat spele…

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I can only focus for two or three hours too. And I can’t translate during class. Maybe Kendra can. I can’t. I could for the first few weeks, when we had stuff like “Pater medicum est.” 😛

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