Christian pop music is like Byzantine iconography. Once they found a formula, they stuck with it!

Yes, so, exams are next week. I am already petrified scared about them. I really don’t want to fail, and I have a dreadful suspicion that I haven’t been paying near enough attention in classes, so I won’t be able to answer any of the questions. *cries*

As a result, I am determinedly not thinking about them, I’m just focusing on the pressing things that need to be done, such as Latin translations for Wednesday, and Dr. Patrick’s Term paper for tomorrow, and the Literature Presentation for Thursday, and the Literature Paper for Thursday, and the Scriptures presentation for Thursday. Actually, those are all prepared except the Lit paper and the Latin Translations. I have about half of those both done.

Anyhow, my little brother Gid has an eval on Monday, the day of my Latin and Philosophy exams. The last eval was bad. I’m worried about the results of this one. Even putting aside the fear of if this next eval goes poorly, I”m afraid of how I will be able to deal with if it is bad. I still have 5 more exams after Monday goes by; I can’t lose it and spend all my time in prayer.

Now THAT’s taking worrying to a new level. Okay, I think I need to take some sleep, and do some more praying. 😛

*wanders off*

P.S. Today was our last Philosophy class, and it was 3.5 hours long, on Post-modernism. It was really interesting, but I wish I could have paid attention more. I’m rather fragmented in class. o.O

P.P.S. Everything lately is geared towards arming us to deal with post-modernism. It’s mildly amusing since I don’t plan to go into a university, and people usually don’t talk to me. However, when I get the urge to scoff I must remind myself that I don’t know the future, and maybe I will end up having to argue in the defense of objective truth.

I really am going to bed now.

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