Wherein Snazel ponders the future

Exam week
Also being a lamentable tale of woe, hysterical laughter, late-night nervous breakdowns and far too much chocolate.

Day the First.
Wherein a Latin exam occurs early in the morning, accompanied by several raving panics, moreover the philosophy exam is undertaken with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and a select few Augustinians attend the symphony.

Day the Second
Wherein a Art exam invades the morning, being comprised of no less than nine essays of varying lengths, and the panic level increases, abated somewhat by a community meal of much emotion.

Day the Third
Wherein two music exams take place, a written and a listening, and several students disappear into the abyss of insanity.

Day the Fourth
Wherein a literature exam takes place, being a hallucinatory conversation between fictional characters, and a Scriptures exam is followed by mandatory attendance at Chapel.

Day the Fifth
Wherein the entire day is occupied by individual interrogation sessions on science, and half the college runs for the border.


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