I passed the paint of panic long ago. Now I’m just waiting for the blade to drop…

The title? Overheard in conversation today after exams. It’s that kind of day. 😛

I, however, am quite happy at this moment. I am very full from all the lovely chili that Em made for community meal, and I am done with three of my exams.
ha! take that, world…

Art was this morning, and I wrote 12 pages, total, of which 10 were double spaced. There was a tense moment in the exam when I, vividly and without preamble, remembered all the comments I got on my last exam… But I put them out of my mind, pulled up more sarcasm, and continued writing. That exam definitely got snarky at times. Third World, Moon Unit and I were rehashing it afterwards, comparing answers, and we’ve decided we want to read each others exams when we get them back. If you give us three any room at all for smart comments, we’ll take it. *grins*

Then we had an intense, college-wide music-study session for four hours, which made sure that any brain cells I had left decided to shut down. I really don’t know how the medical students do it. *shakes head in wonder*

Tomorrow is music, both listening and written, and scriptures/lit prep. Good times!

Four exams to go.


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