"At this time of year, what with marking papers and exams, I was thinking, as one so often does, on grace…"

One left. Only one exam left.

I should be happy about this, but I still feel physically ill from the Scriptures exam. My hands are numb. I have never felt so bad after an exam in my life. I’ve been saying, about my exams, “well, nothing has made me cry yet,” but if I was ever to cry over an exam it would be about that one. I bombed so badly. I can’t talk well about theology ever, and that paper was no exception.

ANYWAYS! I got through music without too much issue. There were questions I was iffy on, but I knew the majority. Even listening I got through without major panic. All thanks must go to Third World and Moon Unit though, for that, who just kept going over the music clips over and over again, and making/letting me memorize them. I still wasn’t good, but I was able to put a name on half the pieces, I think, and an era on everything.

Have you ever noticed what adrenaline does to the body? It’s quite interesting. I wasn’t emotionally scared yesterday, but the adrenaline was definitely going. I was sitting and reading a fun book to try and relax before the exam and looked at the clock. It was ten minute to class, and totally without warning my breathing sped up, my heart rate went up, and I went analytical and noted this all. Then in the exam, I felt perfectly normal, but happened to touch my chest, and my heart was going like a trip hammer. I could feel my heartbeat when I touched my collarbone! And; (random side story) Rach scared me while I was reading earlier in the week and my eyesight sharpened. It was very odd.

Then this morning was literature, which was painful. We hadn’t had a test from this professor yet, so no one know what to expect, and we weren’t disappointed. I really don’t know how I did though. I answered all three questions, but I really don’t know what he was looking for. I don’t have very much experience with exams at all, and I’m not sure I know how to write them. EDIT: I do know, however, that I got halfway through my big essay and realized that I had just disproved my thesis, so I had to frantically rewrite. Fun times 😛

I also don’t have much experience in attending classes I don’t like, which is perhaps why I failed so badly on the scriptures exam. I can usually find something to get at least mildly interested in in any class, but this one- no. I mean, I though I didn’t like math in high school. In retrospect, I loved math. I thought I didn’t like writing. I adored it. I thought I didn’t like my papers this term. They were enjoyable. I thought I didn’t like the art exam. It was fun. Now I know what not liking an activity is, and that is the Scripture exam I just hacked my way through.

OH, and to forestall those people who will tell me, “you didn’t do that bad…” I was to write three essays, which are traditionally two pages each. I wrote one which was two pages, and it achieved that by being mainly comprised of quotes. The other two essays were less than a page each, and a total “scraping the bottom of the barrel” in terms of content. No, scratch that, this is where you beat the barrel apart to try to get at the tiny fragments of content that are stuck in the crevices between the rotten slabs of fumbling that make up the barrel.

That was so REMARKABLY bad. We’re talking a new section in the annals of abysmal exams. Above-the-fold, front page, in the Fumbling Times. Full alert with picture sent out to all those anywhere who attempt to stop idiocy. Full quarantine necessary to stop the incomprehension from infecting unsuspecting bystanders and dragging them down to a lingering painful death.

*sigh* I am going to go out and buy an extra large coffee, and try to study for the 8:30am oral exam I have tomorrow.


In 16 hours I am going to be all done with exams. *smiles*


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