Appearances can be deceiving.

I found this today. I’m not sure when I wrote it, but I think I was feeling stressed. 😛 It’s about a character who doesn’t have a written story yet.

Sometimes, when she seems to be handling things so well,

all she really wants is for someone to hold her while she cries herself out.

Sometimes, when she makes light of what’s going on,

it’s because she’s ashamed of how her life sounds like a sob story.

Sometimes, when she says, “I’m going crazy,”

she means it.

Sometimes, when she moves quietly through the room

it’s because she’s so frail she doesn’t want to run the risk of breaking.

Sometimes, she’s so still,

because all her energy is going towards staying upright and dry-eyed.

Sometimes, that self-possessed girl in the corner thinking,

is wishing with all her remaining strength that someone would please see what’s going on.

Sometimes the obvious is no such thing.

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