Please support your answers…

I’m done with all the exams. That is such a remarkably strange thought. I am totally not processing it yet. 😛

However, it is not true! I till have the big oral exam on next Thursday, but aside from that I’m done. No more papers, no more exams, (almost), no more classes. I don’t know what to do with myself! Oh, I think I’ll figure something out soon enough, but for know I’m a little at loose ends. I made a list of things I need to do before I go home, so I feel marginally more secure, having that to procrastinate about.

The oral exam was today for Science, and I had the 8:30 slot. I had been making flippant comments about oral exams, saying that I didn’t have a problem with them. This was taken note of by the auditors of the universe, and duly fixed. I now have ascertained that I usually have no issue with answering questions after presentations, because I am so relived that the presentation is over. However, oral exams are rather different. I had never taken one before today, you see. I say a remarkable number of things without actual facts to point to as backup. I still think I’m right, and my facts are right, but I don’t carry names in my head well. *sheepish* Perhaps it’s best that I was first, so there was NO bar to measure up to. One of the later students accidentally saw the grade sheet, and he said that there was no grade lower than B+, for which I am very happy.


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