Crime and Punishment! It’s such a ~cuddly~ book!

I got my boxes mailed off today! And I had enough money! *collapses from relief* That was a really nervous point, but I got all THREE boxes off without incident. I am $104.50 poorer and a lot of stress lighter. 😛

The graduation is tomorrow, and people’s families have been arriving all day. It’s starting to be quite exciting, what with reunions, and gowns arriving in the mail, and food preparation, and so on and so forth.

Third World’s parents arrived here yesterday, and they are really nice. *smiles at Third World’s parents* They kept including me, even to the point of inviting me and Moon Unit to breakfast at their hotel with Third World. Unfortunately Moon Unit was still at her sister’s house where she had been spending the night, but I got to go along. And then they drove me down to the Post Office! Really nice people.

It’s funny, how when I meet the parents of Moon Unit and Third World, they really remind me of my own parents. Just in how they are totally awesome, and happy, and have great relationships with each other. I’m seeing my own family on Tuesday! w00t!

I am now going to get off the computer, as I have spent the last two hours on here reading the news. Yeah! Hurrah for the time to read the news!


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