If I don’t eat, how soon can I have the money to travel across the country?

So today was the graduation, which I will talk about later. Now, however, Third World just left, and I am not in a good mood.

I am not crying, which is stupid of me, I just feel numb.

I said goodbye to a bunch of people today, and just cause I’m heartless, I don’t feel that bad about leaving then. I mean, I’m gonna miss them, but I’ve moved too many times to feel sad about leaving acquaintances behind, or even minor friends. But there were certain people this year which I will miss a lot. Third World is RIGHT up there at the top of the list.

I had some advice given me at the beginning of the year, on making new acquaintances. As far as I can figure our, this was to stop me getting too close to any one or two or three people. I didn’t take the advice, I didn’t go out much, and now I have two really close friends. And yeah, Third World is the closest friend of my college mates.

But I don’t regret not going out. I wouldn’t have gotten as close to my college people if I had been all over the city all the time. And that would make this time easier, but without the awesome fact that I actually have real friends for the first time since I was 6. Despite the fact that one of those friends is going to be on the West coast and the other is going to be in Upper Canada.

Why do all the cool people have to live so fiendishly far away?

I am going to go take a hot shower, and go to bed, and see if I can cry there.


3 thoughts on “If I don’t eat, how soon can I have the money to travel across the country?

  1. She’s my favourite too, honey. But we have modern technology, remember, and for all its shortcomings, and faults, I am glad of it. Be strong! But not too strong. And remember that you will always be our friend. Cause you’re cool. And you know what? So are we!

  2. Oregonians have this little trick, it’s sort of a way of cheating moving, except, it means I’m gonna change. And I’m not gonna see you again. Not like this, not in that daft old college. And before I go…I just wanna tell you – you and Ken were fantastic… absolutely fantastic… and do you know what? So was I.

  3. Oh sure, make me cry. You jerkface. Quoting Dr. Who is low 🙂 Don’t change too much, I want to recognize you. “Can you change back?” “Do you want me to?” “Yes.” “Oh.” “Can you?” “No.”

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