"Reality, dude. Get some."

Another Alumnus, a certain Matt, came by for Breakfast today. Alison, who’s from the same year that he attended, came as well, and much hilarity ensued. I decided that I needed to work on improving my memory, and so I took note of the following quotes in honour of Moon Unit and Third World. *weeps*

Alison: (talking about Emily’s egg puffs) They’re cool cause they’re just the kind of thing you can bring in the car in the morning. Kinda hot and greasy though.
Matt: (in a high pitched voice) Like me!
Alison: Were you talking for me or you there?
Matt: Draw your own conclusions

Alison: Have you seen “Sweet Home Alabama?”
Matt: Do I look like a girl? No-
Me: You’re wearing pink.

Emily: (Talking about a boy’s really flowery prose style) It’s like his writing’s in drag!

Emily: Man, that Chaucer looks bubonic!

Matt: You’re making it your objective to destroy every ounce of propriety I have, aren’t you.
Emily: No, we know you don’t actually have any. We’re just tearing down the artifice.

Matt: (after Alison made a face at him) Excellent rebuttal.

Then after they left I went for a walk in the rain. Just in case that sounds really morbid, I hasten to say that I like rain, honestly! I think I’m getting my walking skills back, because I was able to go quite a distance. I headed up to Parliament, as per my brother PT’s advice, but unfortunately you had to pay for a tour, and I was really not in the mood to wander around alone. So I took the long way home, stopping in at Zellers to buy a wicked hat. It was half price, and actually fits me! (it’s a black pinstriped fedora, and now I will say no more about it. )

As I think I mentioned before, it’s raining. I have also heard that it is supposed to snow tomorrow. At this point, I actually find that hilarious. However, I really think that, given my druthers, I would prefer to be stuck in actually in transit, not just stalled before even getting on the plane, as happened over Christmas. Hopefully I at least get off the ground tomorrow.

I was running through the pictures on my camera before I went out, deleting the bad ones, and I found a bunch of shots I had taken on Saturday. I made a total nuisance of myself that morning in my constant firing away of pictures, but I got some good shots. Really, it’s just cause they are of my lovely former house mates that I love them. I had somehow forgotten that those pics were in the memory card, and I came a hair’s breadth away from bawling over my camera.

I’ve only actually cried the once since people started leaving- I don’t cry easily- but there is a pain in my chest, and I find it hard to breath when thinking of several of my classmates. Lamd, Swinger (also know as the Pun master :), Moon Unit, and Third World, I miss you. Enjoy yourself, you hear? And maybe I’ll get shunted out your way while traveling. You never know! I’m packing my passport, just in case. 😀

One thought on “"Reality, dude. Get some."

  1. Darling, thanks for taking those quotes! I am very jealous cause I didn’t get to meet Matt. *is jealous* You show great potential as a quote-master. “You have learned well, young grasshopper.” *bows*

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