This is the test of true character; if you can not loose it while they unload the plane.

I’m back on the Rock!

The whole trip went amazingly smoothly. (and now we discover what I call a “smooth” flight.)

I am definitely flying West Jet if I possibly can in the future. RM drove me out to the airport, and I checked in, and then found that my carry on was too heavy. They’re topped off at 22lbs, and mine was 17 overweight. Heh heh heh. So I repacked in the airport lobby, borrowing a nice lot of tape, and then promenaded off to my gate with a very light bag. Security went smooth as silk, and the flight its self was unremarkable. Though the couple in the seat next to me DID hold hands for the entire trip, which was kind of interesting.

Anyhow, I landed in Halifax, waited a while got on the plane, waited while they loaded more bags, (this delayed us 30 minutes), and landed in St. John’s! The flight was one that had come form Edmonton, and it was mainly full of people who had been in their seats since 6am in Edmonton. When we landed in Newfoundland at 11:10 local time, all the seat belts opened in about 2 seconds. SnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapSTANDUP. That was where my title came from- an overheard comment from the back of the plane.

PT and Daddy were there to meet me, which was very jolly. PT had to go straight back to his house, but it was excellent to see him again. He’s such a man. 😛 Then Daddy and I went to the hotel he and Mommy rent while in St. John’s, and I passed out. There was a breif interlude where I tried to keep from tossing around and disturbing Daddy, but then I gave that up as hopeless and conked out.

5 hours later we were up and headed to the Janeway to see Gid and Mommy. Mommy had spent the night with Gid, by the by. It was very good to see them both, and then I got on the bus to Home! My parents are awesome, pretty much. *glee*

So, I pretty much went into a coma for the bus ride, and then on arriving I took a taxi home. It was funny, since the Taxi driver knew me by sight from when I worked at Tim Hortons 2 years ago, and he knew where I wanted to go without being asked. I’m back in my ain Countrie!

And… the library is closing. (the internet is down at home) Write more later, I shall.


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