"I could say something about how modern art is representative of the post modern viewpoint in which there is no truth and therefore anything is art…

I keep realizing more pieces of how Augustine has affected the way I think. My sister Slonner mentioned that she wants to go to art school when she grows up, and I ALMOST started a rant about postmodernism and performance art and the absence of truth in modern society and how that has changed the purpose of art, but I didn’t. I know, for those who were there, you are probably saying, “yes, yes you did rant,” but trust me, I didn’t. I also wanted to start a discussion about the influences of subjective truth on personhood and science fiction, but again I didn’t. *wide grin* I hope I keep this way of looking at the world, cause even if I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, it is very interesting.

Speaking of intersting things, it is quite intersting to move back to a place. I wasn’t really old enough to notice things before we moved to San Diego, but I am now. The land just feels right in a way which Ottawa didn’t, even after 8 months. I suppose that’s becuase of all the memories here, so things are familiar. It is also very interesting to have people recoginize me, after living in the city. I came in on the bus on Wednseday, and then took a taxi to the other end of town. The taxi driver recognized me from when I worked at Tim Horton’s two years before, and knew where I wanted to go before I told him. Small towns!

I am also loving the sound of the sea and the smell of salt and wood smoke on the wind.

But I am missing the Augustinians. *sigh* Moving is problematic.

There is a whole list of people and activities queing up for me to notice their absence. Currently missing things like puns are being shouted down by things like the lack of Third World, but I know they are just lying in wait to attack me. Bah.

On the other hand, I went on an expedenture with the small ones to buy band-aids, and they wanted an explanation for everything.
“How does the water in the ditch get there?” (spring run off)
“How far could we go if we followed the trail?” (Vancouver)
“Can we buy that, or that, or That?” (No, becase you forgot your money)
“Why does that lady look like she’s in pain?” (that one was a little delicate to explain, as she was mentally handicaped. *cringes internally* But I think they were good with my explanation, that her brain hadn’t grown when her body had.)
That’s fun, being the big sister again. It’s good to be home.


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