I have no skills, no training, and I’m in a market where $8 an hour is really good pay.

Does anyone know how I can make eleven thousand blessed dollars in a short period of time? Sigh. And I really can’t leave home this summer, cause my little brother is going to have stem cell treatment in the summer, and then he’s gonna be immune supressed and he can’t leave home, and I can’t just leave my family!

Or maybe I can. Oh, how on earth am I gonna make ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? I was hoping really hard to make one thousand, so I could go travel and visit people.

I’ve indentured myself for the price of a classical education.

Enough panic, now I have to go write something about my life since highschool graduation.

I.. I just.. I am not in a happy frame of mind at this moment. Maybe I”ll go out west and work. Everything seems so clear yesterday; curses!

EDIT: my number is (709) 535-0745, if you know of a promising job opening. I even have American Citizenship, if I’ll go through the paperwork for it. *laughs* Okay, that is getting a little exessive. I know Harold told me that it was all paid for, so maybe it’s a paperwork error? maybe?


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