You’re on the computer AGAIN? You have a problem.

Do you ever invest hours into a project, only to sit back and go, “what am I doing?” This is one of those days.

At present it is a little after 3 pm, I’ve been up for 11 hours, and I’ve been on the computer for probably 10 of those hours. Not writing my novel, no. That is too reasonable. Instead, I decide to build a website.

Build. A. Website. On wordpress.

Unfortunately, I have no content, and don’t know how to make the things I want happen without Dreamweaver. *cries* I gave myself only five hours of sleep last night, and boy am I feeling it.

On the other hand, I feel like I can read html better than I could 10 hours ago, and I like wordpress muchly. *laughs* I just changed the theme, and half my problems went away. And suddenly I’m seeing in css. Not literally, you understand, but I know a cool thing I want to try on the pictures. And I can link them!

Woah. Adrenilen surge to the brain. Who needs sleep anyway? All I need is a new theme! *coughs* No, must not try that now. My family is already a bit weirded out by the sheer amount of time I spend here; if I let them catch me staring at gibberish, it’ll be all over!

Right, Here’s the fruits of my labours. I’m fine. No need to worry AT ALL. I’m just going to bed before 9 tonight, is all. 😀

I’ll go write now. Be productive. *dances off*


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