"So I’m going to apologize for that…"

Apparently, as they drove away from the hospital this morning, Gid sighed and said 

I’m glad that’s over.

He’s spent a ridiculous amount of time in the hospital, and it’s getting just a little old. But he’s back home now. Yay! That also means that Mommy and Daddy are home, and I am no longer in charge. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

I still have a cold, however, so I am wearing a mask as not to infect Gid or the other small ones. It’s surprisingly menacing. All I need is a pipe, and I’d be a proper gangster! *coughs* Right. MOVING on.
This morning I got a call from the people who run the grant program though which I hope to get a job at the Library. The questions they wanted answered were almost funny, they were so much what I had expected. “What are your career goals?” “Where are you going to university?” “Have you been accepted at a university?” I seem to remember predicting that those questions would be sticking points when I filled in the application. Salute me for a prophetess! 😀 However, I predicted that for the reason that I always seem to come up against these questions, and I am never able to give a standard answer. I am beginning to think I never will. Ah, who even wants to be normal? I certainly don’t!

Then I got a call from McDonalds this afternoon. The manager was going to call me yesterday, but she’s had “some good days,” and she didn’t get to it. She said the title, and booked me in for training on Thursday and Friday. I will admit that I am slightly nervous about that. The manager, Wavy, is rather formidable, and there is lots to learn. *bites nails* 
I reassure myself that a touch of nerves will help me stay sharp, and after all I am not brain dead, neither is it rocket science. I should be able to figure out how to keep my head above water soon enough. That’s not going to stop me from doing a lot of praying though!

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