Things pop in my mind, I have no control over…

I’ve been riding a bike to work a couple times, which is rather fun. It’s about 4 km. to work, and I can take the old train tracks, which is nice. Since I am riding a bike I share with Mommy which known as the Super Cruiser, I do frequently take the trail. (It has a basket on the front handlebars, visible springs under the seamed pleather seat, and rust-spotted chrome mudguards. Just imagine a 1950’s bike with lint (it was stored under the dryer vent) clinging to the handlebars, and you’re most of the way there.)

While the bike ride is fun, I have such a remarkable lack of a cardiovascular system that the ride seriously impairs the oxygen that makes it to my brain. I theorize this, you see, because of the “brain waves” which pop into my head near the end of the trip.
My Favourite so far?

Given that the alcohol in cough medicine is what actually does the work anyways, wouldn’t it be a good idea to just buy a bottle of whisky and give the children shots of that when they cough? It’d certainly be more cost effective!

I actually thought this was a good idea for almost an hour after I arrived at work, when the light suddenly dawned that feeding the pre-reading age group medicine bought at the liquor store is not the best plan, and feeding the hypochondriac teenagers and pre-teens in our house medicine bought at the liquor store is an even worse one.
To reassure anyone who reads this, I must affirm that the effects of my biking do wear off shortly, and my cardiovascular system is getting better.

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