I really am in a minority, aren’t I?

I foresee that I’m going to have a fair bit of time at the library to myself this summer. I have to put in the hours, but I don’t have enough responsibilities to fill all the hours. At least, if I work with anything approaching efficiency. (This can be fixed, I suppose :D)

At any rate; I had a brain wave at 12:30 last night.

“Oh! I can order some books on coding from the library, and build something lovely!”

So I trundles along to the library this morning, log on to the the provincial catalogue, and find out that most of the books they have on website design were written in the 90’s. The ONE which mentions css is a “happy-home-business” type, and focuses on html. They don’t have a single book which mentions php. In the ENTIRE PROVINCE. *breathes heavily*

Now, this isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, but still, COME ON!!!! What are people using the library for anyways? Do we only deal in trashy romance novels and graphic violence now?

*beats head against wall*


2 thoughts on “I really am in a minority, aren’t I?

  1. Answer to your question: Yep!!!!Wanna know something else that’s (to me) just as sad??? The next Howl book, House of Many Ways, came out a week or so ago, and my library STILL doesn’t have it. Even more amazing, there’s only TWO holds on it!!!! Blehhhh…..

  2. Y’know, libraries aren’t exactly famous for their selection of computer-related books.Your best bet for learning to code is probably going to be sticking to the web: < HREF="http://w3schools.com/" REL="nofollow">W3Schools<> has some good tutorials for various languages, including PHP, and has a good reference for finding a function that you know should exist but can’t remember the name of; the < HREF="http://ca.php.net" REL="nofollow">PHP website<> has an excellent online manual for function arguments for once you’ve gotten your head around the syntax and know what function you’re looking for; the < HREF="http://christian-web-masters.com/forums/" REL="nofollow">Christian Web Masters forums<> are always helpful; and if you don’t really want to go any of those directions, well, my MSN address is the same as my e-mail address 😉 (Which, if you can’t see it, you can get from Ken.)Good luck with it all! — Samuel

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