"How much do you want forgettin’?"

Overheard in the library;

“I thought you were dating him?”
“No, we aren’t going out, we just randomly make out as often as

We have the dates! For the wish, we’ll be leaving home on the 18 th, and returning home on the 28 th. Of July. When they (the powers-that-be) decided that we were going on the wish they didn’t hang around! Mommy, Daddy and I are going into St. John’s on Monday for our passports, since we’re all adults. I know, it’s a shock. My parents are adults. 😛 Anyhow, since we’re fast-tracking the application process, rather a lot, we have to present our papers and photo id at the passport office in person. That should be fun! No, not the application process. If I remember it correctly from when I was 8 it’s a tiny office in the top of a bank building, with superior people behind the wickets and vinyl seats. Though the seats have probably been changed since then. 😀 I remember official posters on the walls and a red take-a number dispenser, and there was a man tarring the neighboring roof. And it was a sunny day. Hmm, now that I’ve said all that, it will turn out that the day I remember was for our visa applications or something, and not passports at all. ANYWAY, the traveling with my parents should be fun, and going to Costco, which is also known as the warehouse containing joy.

I should take this opportunity, I think, to apologize to anyone who has been so- unfortunate- as to engage me in conversation in the past- two weeks or so. I mean, I was crazy before, but I’m exploring new frontiers of weirdness. I realized this week; I really have no intermediate setting between quiet in the corner and complete lunacy. I mean, on the scale of being comfortable in a situation, I go from;

  1. silent,
  2. to speaking when spoken to,
  3. to making occasional snarky comments without prompting,
  4. to communicating half in quotes, including entire so-called comedic monologues, and half in sarcasm.

While the progression is logical and gradual inside my head, from the outside it might be a little startling. And when I’m tired, the gap between 3 and 4 gets a little more stark, with 3 disappearing entirely sometimes. And I’ve been tired. 😀 Additionally, I similarly in friendship tend to jump from someone whose name I remember and will wave at in the street to I will drive 6 hours to pick you up when you’re stranded, and I only stop there cause that’s the ocean. So, it is just possible I inadvertently terrorize the people I talk to, if I consider them friends and am comfortable in their company. Therefore, open apology. 😀


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