"Why are the little Girls singing Hannah Montana? Just why?"

Day: 1
Date: 18/07/08
Event: To St.John’s

Despite packing everything up at 10pm last night, I think I have everything. Mostly everything, that is. I have found that my camera’s download cable is not present, but I’m sure that that the only absent item… *hopeful*

Anyhow, it turned out that Fraulein, Slonner and I did NOT go into St. John’s with Daddy. Instead, we drove in with the rest of the family, in a limo! It’s true! Since we can’t all fit in a rental van, it is actually cheaper to ride in a a limo, as opposed to multiple rentals.. Also it is more fun than the bus. It was a stretch limo, white, with leather interior. Also with non-alcoholic wine and cola. We’re all glamorous!

After the four-hour ride, we all stopped off at the Janeway. Remember, we’re still in a 36 ft. white limo. After saying hi to the nurses and Gideon, whose transfusion was still running, we left for the hotel. However, Fraulein and I had other plans. We were going to the mall. The limo driver dropped us off at the food court. And yes, I have no shame. 😀

Once inside, it was a little funny to crowd watch, since I was expecting the same diversity as Ottawa and that was not the case. The biggest outrageous dresser I saw was one girl all in black with a red scarf. Not quite the crazy scene I didn’t realize I was expecting until it was absent.

So Courtney and I ate in the food court, tried on dresses, and followed it all up with the theater! I found one lovely dress that hit my feet, but it was 80 dollars, so I let it be. The movie we watched was wall-E, which was delightful. We had been hoping to catch Prince Caspian, but as it was no longer playing the latest Pixar flick was an excellent option B. It was charming. And then we lavishly took a taxi to the hotel, where I am now. And now it is 10:30 and time for me to go to bed.

*20 minutes later* Oh, and I almost forgot to write this down. Do you know how much it cost per ticket to get into the theater? Do you?


And that was only admission! By the time I, carefully not calculating how many hours I was spending, was also kitted out with a drink, an ice cream, and chocolate to share, I was 23 dollars out of pocket. Twenty Three! Humph. If you’re the only theatre within four hour’s drive, you can really gouge your customers, it seems. Anyhow, sleep. Yes. *waves*

2 thoughts on “"Why are the little Girls singing Hannah Montana? Just why?"

  1. Lucky limo-riders!“Not quite the crazy scene I didn’t realize I was expecting until it was absent.”(Un)Fortunately(?) I can’t escape the crazy diversity.That’s sad about the expensive theater. Did you buy the food AT the theater? :O I’m never able to do that. It’s $1.75 to buy a PICKLE!! I refuse to endorse such pricing. Actually that’s a lie I have bought popcorn once or twice.

  2. Wall-E is better than Prince Caspian IMO anyways. Also, limos are sweet! I have to ride in one before I die. I have deemed it so. OMG all black?! Isn’t she, like, GOTH?! O_O No, huh? You miss the freaks of Ottawa, admit it 😉

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